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Data x Creativity: The Dynamic Duo

The two main elements of a marketing campaign are data and creativity, and the key is being able to focus on them equally. If you pay more attention to one than the other, you won’t get the full understanding that you need. If there is too much of a focus on data, there is not enough of a focus on the emotional reaction to the campaign. On the flip side, with too much of a focus on creativity, there is not enough of a focus on how the campaign is performing. A lack of creativity will stop you from having a unique voice, while a lack of data will prevent people from hearing it. At Vensy, we combine data and creativity in a unique way, allowing us to create campaigns that are one of a kind.


The first step is data, data, data. Brands reach out to us when they want to raise awareness and/or sell their products. They need to know their specific target audience, by thinking about demographics such as gender, age, race, and location. From there, we determine the best mediums to maximise the return on their investment. These include paid advertising, influencer marketing, and creating content. We can determine whether it makes more sense to focus on one of these mediums, or include several of them. We use data and technology to create our approach, especially when it comes to influencer marketing.

We have a specialized way of identifying influencers, and making sure their audience is similar to the target audience of the company. Then, we look over how their content typically performs, by looking at metrics including engagement rate, views, and reshares. We make sure these numbers are in line with the brand, and use them as a baseline of how our collaborations could perform. We know the minimum, but of course we shoot for more! Once we’ve made these decisions, it is time to brainstorm for the creative side. Our main goal is to keep our campaigns authentic to what the audience is used to, but different enough to capture their attention. We start to ask the big questions. What is going to pop? How will it be unique? How will it be special?


In many ways, creativity is the opposite of data, and it’s not easy to have a solid understanding of both. There are lots of data experts who don’t really understand creativity, and vice versa. Here at Vensy, we have the ability to cover all the bases. When we look at data, we immediately understand it, and use it as a tool to brainstorm the content we will create. We see the major offshoots of the data, and we know how to match them to our creative strengths. We have created special content for a wide variety of brands, including Responsible Gambling Week, EE, and Formula One. One of our consistent goals is to generate constant engagement, but we approach it in different ways. During the last Responsible Gaming Week, we created content that asked questions and was easy to share. With EE, we created an interactive competition and partnered with influencers who could launch it. The prize was a pair of tickets to the FA Cup Final, which was a huge incentive for audiences to view the branded content. We’ve used many different approaches, but the common denominator is that they increase engagement and earn media value.

We believe in being curious and experimental, and creating campaigns that are visually led, authentic, and forge organic connections with the consumers. If you’re ready to learn more and get started, contact us at

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